17 days ! 17 dishes ! five p.m.

17 days

17 dishes

five p.m.


02.12. – 18.12.

Silesian Christmas Market. Görlitz.

Christmas Market
@ Görlitz


02.12.Michael Kretschmer & TeamAnimal shelter KRAMBANBULI Görlitz & Vintage Park-Railway GörlitzDelicacies.Surprising.
03.12.#TEAMKUNZEBahnhofmission GörlitzUpper Lusatian Wedding Soup
04.12.Eine Bude für die TrudeTrude e.V. “Pound stew”
05.12.Wünsche von Herzen e.V.Alkanti magazin e.V. GörlitzHunter’s Stew from the Heart (also vegetarian)
06.12.Die blauen KöcheChristian Hospice Service Görlitz, MühlwegGyros with rice and gyros soup
07.12.Sankt Wenzeslaus StiftChristian Hospice Service Görlitz, MühlwegHearty horseradish potato soup with walnut-parsley gremolata and cranberry sauce, served with home-baked walnut bread
and Wenzels apple dream as dessert
08.12.GlückssträhneBahnhofmission Görlitz – mobile soup kitchenPotato soup, optional veggie & hearty, lots of colourful biscuits and lots of fun
09.12.The Mayors – Rafał Gronicz and Octavian UrsuPsychological Counselling Centre for traumatised Ukrainian refugees (Elisabeth Street)Silesian potato soup with sliced wieners and garden herbs
10.12.StadtkantineSupport Association “Mit Kindern wachsen e.V.”Silesian Zwiebelreich (onion enriched)
11.12.Meeting Point UkraineChildren’s Hospice Service GörlitzVegetarian borscht, pierogi with mushroom filling
12.12.MARKTMEISTEREIFamily Office GörlitzFresh market miscellany, versatile!
13.12.Children’s hospital gnomesChildren’s delights with “Zauberkathrin” in the hospitalPotato soup (vegetarian version and one with sausage), plus a sweet dessert
14.12.Sweet Water Station (Kosel)Christian Hospice Service Görlitz, MühlwegJambalya – Creole rice pot – vegetarian with vegetables – hearty with chicken and shrimps
15.12.Café MiraSupport Association “Mit Kindern wachsen e.V.”Tomato soup with hearty and sweet dishes
16.12.Day group “Sprungbrett”AWO KV Oberlausitz e.V. Department: Children, Youth and Family – Purchase of an Indian TippiAfrican Peanut Stew
17.12.Motor GörlitzInternational Youth Sailing Camp Blaue Lagune, Berzdorfer See (Berzdorf Lake)Dibbelabbes [berüchtigt]
18.12.CASUSStadtmission Görlitz, Tea CellarBritish-Indian Curry TIKKA MASALA (“Spicy Bits”)

This year is again about doing good during the Christmas time: acting together, for each other.

The idea is simple: between December 02 and December 18, a regional, national or international dish will be prepared daily at 5 p.m. by a team of “culinary enthusiasts” and served to Christmas market visitors for a donation. The donations raised will benefit charitable and community-building activities in the EuropeCity of Görlitz-Zgorzelec.

17 days ! 17 dishes ! five p.m.


Participate ?

You would like to support this campaign “with full pots instead of empty words”? Form a cooking team ! For example, with your family members, friends, relatives, acquaintances, club or work colleagues.

Then motivate your personal environment to attend the “17-days tent” at Görlitz Untermarkt, encourage guests with your culinary work to make a generous donation. You decide who will receive your donations.

Let’s go !

  1. You form a cooking team, give it a name and state the contact person.
  2. Decide what you want to cook.
  3. Start a reservation request – exclusively by eMail – to: 1717[at]fvks.eu. See below for details.
  4. Buy the ingredients: about 30 to 50 servings is a good experience value, “more is always possible, of course”.
  5. On your day of service, please come to with the prepared ingredients in time for the “17-Days Christmas Pagoda” at Görlitz Untermarkt.
  6. The cooking tent at the market is available all day.
  7. At 5 p.m., the food will be prepared and ready for guests to enjoy for a donation.

Questions ?

  • +49 (0) 3581 67 24 20 (Gerd)
  • 1717[at]fvks.eu (Gerd, Matthias)

Reservation ?

Start your request for a reservation exclusively by eMail to:
1717[at]fvks.eu. This includes …

important !

What else ?

  • It is about practicing solidarity, the 17-days campaign is not a competition for the “largest bills”, also “small” helps a lot.
  • The campaign takes place at Christmas market, so on site … and not on the Internet. That’s precisely why “social media” is a small trifle compared to your commitment in and around the cooking tent.
  • The 17-days campaign is non-political, rather very personal ! Therefore there are no corresponding ensigns, national flags, banners or similar in the area of the cooking tent.
  • References to your personal engagement are welcome.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot finance the ingredients for your cooking event.

Cooking ?!


Görlitzer Kulturservicegesellschaft mbH & FVKS e.V.

Görlitzer Kulturservicegesellschaft mbH
& FVKS e.V.

** funded by you, ourselves and everyone **

FVKS e.V. I Untermarkt 23 I DE-02826 Görlitz